WASHINGTON (CBSDC)– Target recently announced it’s giving the ax to gender-specific labeling in their toy and children’s bedding aisles and some people are less than thrilled with the decision.

From internet trolls to reverends, it seems everyone has an opinion on gender-specific labeling and whether certain products should be advertised as such.

Facebook user Mike Melgaard posed as a Target official on Facebook, using deceiving handles such as “Ask For Help” and “Target Customer Service” alongside the company’s official and iconic target logo, as reported by Patheos. He took the responsibility of acting as a “customer service” rep by replying with some probably not-so-professional responses to users criticizing Target’s decision.

Among the many interactions include:

“FYI: We will be purchasing our bike equipment from Walmart because we think removing boys/girls distinctions is unnecessary makes a statement we do not agree with,” user Deanna wrote on the company’s page.

“Well, Deanna. We’re sorry to hear that. Good luck with your new relationship with Walmart. Be careful, we hear they sell bikes without seats on them,” Ask For Help responded.

“So customers are supposed to waste time trying to find the right area to find the right clothes? Is this the same for mens and womens dept? Soon Target will have unisex restrooms… GLAD I DO NOT SHOP AT TARGET!!!” another user, Bronson wrote.

“We’re equally glad that you do not shop at Target, Bronson.”

And last but not least.

“And I used to love shopping at Target! Bye, Bye!” user Debbie commented.

“Don’t let the door hit yah where the good Lord split yah, Debbie!” the fake account responded.

Others, like the Rev. Franklin Graham, are just about calling on customers to boycott the company over the move, saying they should take their business elsewhere.

“This whole gender neutral business has gone too far, and I just say shame on Target for giving in to just one person who sent out an email and some others picked it up,” Graham said Wednesday on Fox News “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Graham added that he has nothing against gender-neutral individuals shopping at Target or elsewhere but that the decision to make certain departments gender neutral ignores “the millions of customers that you have that are hard-working families with children [that are] not gender-neutral children,” and that “these are boys and girls, the way God made us.”