By Meaghan Corzine

WASHINGTON (CBSDC )– We’ve all been there: you’re catching up with a friend and you realize, unbeknownst to you, you were both in the very same place at the very same time.

From across the globe or across the coast, missed travel connections are no rarity and annoying to say the least. A new travel app, “Gypsy Circle,” is working to fix that problem.

The social travel network lets you input a trip, then notifies friends when they are visiting the same city or if there is a friend that lives there.

D.C. native and Gypsy CEO Andrew Butash, 26, says the idea first occurred to him while he was backpacking in Europe in the fall of 2013.

“We wanted to see who we knew in the cities before we arrived, and there’s no app out there that does that and shows you who your network is in a city,” Butash told CBSDC.

Most users link the app with Facebook and build their “circle” that way. Users must send requests in order to see their friends’ trips. The app also features an internal messaging system to keep in touch with your Gypsy contacts.

“It’s a closed network so people you aren’t friends with can’t see your trips or current location. Privacy is key for us, we don’t want it to be an open network because people who travel a lot often want that information private,” Butash says.

And you don’t have to be cruising the Mediterranean or hiking the Himalayas to use the app, its just as practical for more casual trips, like old classmates and colleagues passing through the same city.

The app is set to roll out even more features in the next six to eight months. Butash tells CBSDC in-app travel booking, tracking your friends’ trips (regardless if you’re visiting that city), and destination lists are some of the planned updates.

Gypsy Circle launched in Apple’s App store on June 26 and is currently available for iOS users around the world.


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