Hyattsville, Md. — There’s a good chance companies in D.C. and Virginia will soon get a call from Prince George’s County.

After trying unsuccessfully in the past to lure businesses away from its bordering cities, the county is giving it another shot.

Officials are calling it “Operation 862” for the number of companies they’re targeting.

“It’s kind of top secret,” says Jim Coleman, president for the Economic Development Corporation.

But WNEW has learned the county is targeting technology companies, law firms and federal agencies that have leases expiring within the next four years.

“These are the sectors that offer the highest wages for all of our residents,” Coleman says. “We’re looking to be able to help people in our county to be able to make 50, 60, 80 thousand dollars.”

Collectively, the companies represent about 45,000 jobs. The goal is to land five to 10 percent of them.

The county is also transforming the area around five metro stations into modern communities to attract potential employees.

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WNEW’s Chuck Carroll contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.


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