WASHINGTON — At D.C.’s state fair on Sept. 12, city residents will be able to show off standard items like pies, flowers and pickled veggies, but there will also be a new competition — “Best Bud.”

That’s right, city residents can potentially win a blue ribbon for their homegrown marijuana.

With the passing of Initiative 71 last year, D.C. residents 21 and older can legally grown their own cannabis plants.

According to the entry form, the plants will be judged on appearance, odor, touch and each entrant’s personal story about how it was grown.

The judges will not consume or sample the submissions, however.

Entries will be accepted through Saturday, Sept. 5.

“Please be prepared to submit a photo of you with your plant when you submit your entry on the day of the contest; a hardcopy photo or a photo from your smartphone will do. You must submit one small bud (~1 to ~2 grams) from your plant in a 1/4-, 1/2-, or 1-pint Mason jar,” the entry form says.

The D.C. State Fair is scheduled from noon to 8 p.m. Sept. 12 at Old City Farm & Guild (925 Rhode Island Ave NW).

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