by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON —  It’s a Friday afternoon in the NFL offseason — do you know where your kicker is?

If you’re a fan of the Washington Redskins, rest assured that placekicker Ty Long, a rookie out of the University of Alabama-Birmingham brought in to challenge Kai Forbath for kicking duties, is hard at work in the gym.

Really hard at work.

According to Long’s official Instagram account (@tyrlong2), he finally bench-pressed 300 pounds, and has the video evidence to prove it.

See for yourself:

Long is a large specialist, with his 6-foot-2-inch frame tipping the scales at 205, according to the team’s website. However, benching 146 percent of your own body weight is no small task. That would be equivalent to Trent Williams, the heaviest player listed on the team’s roster at 337 pounds, bench-pressing 493 pounds.

No one is saying Williams hasn’t done that, there just isn’t video of it.

So congratulations to Long for joining the 300-pound bench-press club. Starting in 20 days, let’s see what he can do with his legs.

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