by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The fallout from Albert Haynesworth’s ‘Letter to My Younger Self’ continues in Washington, where legendary quarterback and NFL analyst Joe Theismann rebuked the former Redskin on 106.7 The Fan .

In February, Theismann wrote his own ‘Letter to My Younger Self,’ so he understands the process. On Wednesday, he told Chad Dukes that Hayneworth’s piece lacked fundamental accountability.

“It’s interesting. When they ask you to do it, you sit down and look back on your life and reflect back on any advice you might give yourself,” Theismann explained about The Player’s Tribune. “It sounded like Albert just continued to be in denial.

“I think Albert is a little bit self-serving in this and wants to blame other people, when the fact of the matter is, he didn’t want to play in a position.”

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Haynesworth’s time in Washington began under head coach Jim Zorn, general manager Vinny Cerrato and defensive coordinator Greg Blache, who ran a 4-3 scheme. When all three lost their jobs, and Mike Shanahan and Jim Haslett instituted a 3-4 system, Theismann says Haynesworth refused to cooperate.

“They (Redskins front office) wanted him to play the [3-4] defensive end position, which actually would’ve been modified almost like a 4-3 defensive end,” he explained. “But Albert didn’t want any part of it, and then they got into this contest.

“It was a contest of wills between Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth, at which Albert had absolutely no chance of winning. None, whatsoever.

“He thought he could just [say], ‘Hey, you paid me a lot of money, you can’t get rid of me, and I want to do it my way.’ It just so happens–and it’s, I think, one of the saving graces of football–it’s not done your way.”

In his story, Haynesworth asserts that his passion for football evaporated during his time at Redskins Park, and it was a fire he could never rekindle. His asserts he should have never left Tennessee, forsaking the Redskins’ $100 million offer and staying with Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Never mind that Schwartz left during the same offseason to become head coach for the Detroit Lions.

“If Albert was so good, why, after he left the Washington Redskins, did he not regain that form that got him the $100-million-dollar contract?” Theismann asked Dukes rhetorically. “And he would’ve turned down the money–by the way, that’s a pile of baloney.”

Theismann drew contrasting pictures of players that gamble on themselves heading into free agency.

“He did what a lot of guys do in free agency…they play spectacularly and you’ve got bidders.” Theismann explained. “The Redskins weren’t the only team that wanted Albert’s services, that just happened to be the highest bid at the time.

“Then you take a guy like Joe Flacco, who was a free agent [to-be] and rolled the dice. Joe is the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens going forward, for the foreseeable future. It paid off for him.”


Listen for full audio, including his reaction to Haynesworth laying on the field during the Eagles game:


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