WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Former President Jimmy Carter believes Jesus would approve of gay marriage.

“I believe he would, I believe Jesus would,” Carter told HuffPost Live on Tuesday. “I believe that Jesus would approve of gay marriage, but that’s just my own personal belief. I think Jesus would encourage any love affair if it was honest and sincere and was not damaging to anyone else, and I don’t see that gay marriage damages anyone else.”

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriages nationwide last month in a five to four vote.

Even though he supports same-sex marriage, Carter — who is a born-again Christian — doesn’t want the government to force churches to perform gay marriages.

“I think everybody should have a right to get married regardless of their sex. The only thing I would draw a line on is I wouldn’t be in favor of the government being able to force a local church congregation to perform gay marriages if they didn’t want to,” the former president said. “But those two partners should be able to go to a local courthouse, or a different church, to get married.”

Carter also touched on the subject of abortion while speaking to HuffPost Live, saying this has been a problem for him for a very long time.

“I have a hard time believing that Jesus would approve abortions, unless it was because of rape, or incest, or the mother’s life was in danger,” he said.


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