by Gina Cook

WASHINGTON — Sky-high rent, high taxes and an overall high cost of living — D.C. residents already know living in the nation’s capital doesn’t come cheap.

But a new report puts those costs into an entirely different and, frankly, depressing perspective.

The above map from the Tax Foundation shows what $100 is really worth in every state and the District.

D.C. fared the worst in the entire nation, with $100 equating to $84.96.

Marylanders get a better chunk out of their Benjamins at $90.17 and Virginia ranked the best in the area at $97.09.

However, $100 will go furthest down South. Mississippi was the best state to get the most out of your money at $115.21.

“Regional price differences are strikingly large; real purchasing power is 36 percent greater in Mississippi than it is in the District of Columbia,” says the Tax Foundation. “In other words: by this measure, if you have $50,000 in after tax income in Mississippi, you would have to have after-tax earnings of $68,000 in the District of Columbia just to afford the same overall standard of living.”

States with largest relative value of $100:
Mississippi ($115.21)
Arkansas ($114.29)
South Dakota ($114.16)
Alabama ($114.03)
West Virginia ($113.12)

States with smallest relative value of $100:
District of Columbia ($84.96)
Hawaii ($86.06)
New York ($86.73)
New Jersey ($87.34)
California ($89.05)

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