WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – OckTV thought it would be a great idea to put a fake dog and add crying sound effects in a bag to see how people would react to him abusing a dog.

In the video, the young man began to beat the dog as people watched, until another person decided to hit him and scream, “Why are you hitting that dog?”

The man even picked up an orange cone and began hitting him on the leg until he found out it was just an experiment.

In another clip we see two men ask, “Yo, what are you doing?” The young man replies, “He made a mess in the house. I’m teaching him a lesson.”

The two men walked away saying, “I mean you have a good reason.”

The man beating on the fake dog is just shocked that they didn’t stop him.

In the last clip we see him beating on the dog again and this woman with a phone running up to him saying,”Stop it, stop,” pushing him away from the dog.

Then this other man came behind them, kicked the fake dog, and then throw it in the street.

He tells the girl, “It’s a social experiment, thank you for saying something.” Then he pointed out the hidden cameras.

If you do see animals being abused, please reach out to the Washington Humane Society.


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