WASHINGTON (CBS DC)– The University of Missouri at Kansas City turned to Chelsea Clinton to speak at an event after learning how much it would cost to have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

University officials were surprised to learn just how much money it would take for Hillary Clinton to speak at the opening of the school’s new women’s hall of fame in 2014.

“Yikes!” one university official responded after discovering the quoted fee of $275,000, according to emails obtained by the Washington Post. Instead, the university opted to pay Chelsea Clinton $65,000 to speak at the event.

The Clintons’ speaking fees have been an area of controversy since it was revealed that former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton together made more than $25 million from about 100 paid speeches from January 2014 through early May 2015, as reported by CBS News. Hillary Clinton alone has made from $100,000 to over $300,000 to speak at events.

Hillary Clinton has said that all the money earned from these events since stepping down as secretary of state has gone to philanthropic work for the Clinton Foundation.

A spokesperson for Chelsea Clinton told the Post that her speaking fee from the University of Missouri event also went to the foundation.


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