WASHINGTON (CBS DC)– A map contrasting the gross domestic products of US states to countries around the world portrays just how massive the American economy is.

Daily Mail reports some of the largest US states rival economies from around the globe, even those that rank in the International Monetary Fund’s top 10.

Even some of the smallest and poorest states in America have similar 2014 GDPs to entire nations.

The map was created by the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank after 2014 data was released by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

California had the top GDP with $2.3 trillion. This rivaled the country of Brazil and would be the eighth largest economy globally.

New York had a comparative GDP to Spain while Florida matched closely with the Netherlands.

The second largest US economy, Texas, had a GDP of $1.6 trillion, ranking it only a bit smaller than the equivalent of Canada’s economy.

Mississippi, the state with the poorest GDP, still had an economy equivalent to Slovakia.

According to AEI economist Mark Perry, the US produced 22.4 percent of the world’s GDP in 2014.

See the full map and full list of comparisons here.


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