ANNAPOLIS, Md. — An Annapolis couple is suing their realtor and the company she works for after buying what they felt was their dream home but soon learning it held a den of snakes.

Jody and Jeffrey Brooks and their two young children moved into what they thought was their “20-year dream home” at 631 Truxton Road in January. It’s right around the corner from Jody Brooks’ parents home and has a big yard for the kids.

But attorney Genevivve Linder says in April the family learned they weren’t alone.

“By taking apart their entire finished home, they found that the house was in fact infested by black rat snakes,” Linder says.

The Brooks since have had to leave, and Linder says they can’t exterminate.

“The snakes lay down pheromones, they call it ‘musk,’ and that makes them come back every year… year after year,” Linder says.

And experts say if they burn down the home, they couldn’t rebuild for 10-15 years because of those pheromones.

Linder says they believe the realtor, whose mother owned the house knew about the snakes because before the Brooks bought it, it was a rental and the tenants complained of the snake problem.

The couple is seeking $2 million.

WNEW Annapolis Bureau Chief Karen Adams contributed to this report. Follow her and WNEW on Twitter.