by Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Mike Shanahan may be 16 months removed from his time in Washington, but the former Redskins head coach makes headlines each time he reflects on his four seasons in Ashburn.

On Friday, he chatted with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier for 40 minutes, focusing on the inner workings of his relationships with quarterbacks, ownership and a particular defensive lineman.

In case you missed the candid interview, here are the five things you need to know.


Redskins Didn’t Have Everyone “On The Same Page”

“Well, to be honest with, I enjoy the game and I’d like to help maybe in any way I could. Maybe not as a head coach, but as a consultant some time, helping. You get 30 years in the National Football League and you feel like you have a good feel for what it takes to be successful.

“If it’s the right situation–it’s got to be right. You, the owner, the GM and your quarterback all have to be on the same page. In my opinion, if you have that, then you’ve got a chance to do something special. You’ve got a chance to win a Super Bowl, and that’s what it’s about.”


Dan Snyder Did Not Interfere With Football, Except…

“You know, to be honest with you, he really didn’t. He didn’t interfere. The only thing he felt really strongly about was Robert [Griffin III] not running the football in 2012, which is understandable, especially with some of the shots he was taking.

“But I really shared with [Snyder], I thought for us to have the type of success or for [Griffin III] to have the type of success, that we needed Robert to run that style of offense, but we had to teach him how to slide and not take shots.”


ACL Injury Does Not Explain Griffin III’s Struggles

“I don’t think getting hurt has anything to do with it. I think what you do is you rehab yourself and you get better.

“I was with Tim Brown, who is a wide receiver that was 4.28 [40-yard dash] coming in. I think the fourth game in, he lost his ACL and came back as a 4.5 receiver. But he’s a great wide receiver. He did all the things you have to do.”


Salary Cap Penalty Sealed His Fate In Washington

“I said we need to get younger and get rid of dead weight, older players, and I was going to try to figure out a way, as well as Bruce [Allen] and Dan [Snyder], to get rid of these players who were at the end of their careers. Try to get a younger team and try to get a consistent winner, whether there was a salary cap or not.

“Now it was supposed to be the uncapped year, and the thing that was interesting was that over the next 2.5 years, is that every contract we had was approved by [NFL Commissioner] Roger [Goodell]. So we had no warning before we got that $36 million salary cap [penalty], except for an hour before free agency.”


Shanahan Glad Tom Brady Has Chance To Defend Himself

“I’m glad Brady has his day in court. The thing that really bothered me after we got our fine is that it was without warning and we didn’t have any forum to discuss our side of the story. At least Brady has his day in court.

“Any time they give a club one of the most severe penalties in the history of the National Football League, you’d like to at least voice your opinion and let them know, before they give you a penalty, to defend yourself. We never got that chance. And when I say ‘we,’ I’m talking about the Redskins when I was there.”


Listen to more highlights from the interview below:


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