WASHINGTON (CBSDC)– Ann Coulter made an appearance on Hannity Monday, which included remarks criticizing Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University.

The First Lady expressed her own experiences with racism while giving a speech to new graduates. A clip was played on the show which Coulter quickly responded to in an anything-but-complimentary way.

“I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now,” Coulter said, as reported by AL.com. “Last week she was claiming museums discriminate against, aren’t welcoming to minorities. What do they have to do? Be even freer? What are museums doing?”

Coulter also mentioned that racism was basically solved prior to President Barack Obama taking office and that the First Lady was “harping on white racism” with her remarks.

“We had finally got rid of a lot of this racial demagoguery in response to the O.J. verdict, and Obama and his enablers and the left-wing media have brought it back in order to gin up and keep a certain segment of the black community angry and voting against Republicans,” Coulter said on the program.