Baltimore, Md. (CBS DC) — A mask-wearing, machete-toting bouncer who fended off looters from a Baltimore business ransacked of thousands of dollars in tobacco and liquor is being dubbed “Baltimore Batman” by the bar’s patrons and those who witnessed his defense against looters.

A bouncer at the The Old Clubhouse, Brian Woodyard was working Monday night but left before rioters protesting the death of Freddie Gray bashed out the bar’s front window and began looting. But Woodyard returned to the bar that night to defend his workplace, WHP-TV reports.

“I asked [the owner] to please let me stay in because I could set up a defense,” Woodyard told WHP.

Woodyard was spotted donning a surgical mask and a machete to fend off the looters from destroying the bar. The owner, who had been left helpless to defend the bar when looters broke out the front windows, told WHP he called police over “30 times” but “they never showed up” before the looters stole what he estimates is a couple thousand dollars’ worth of items and damages.

Witnesses claimed they saw Woodyard clear out around 50 looters from the bar. But Woodyard says he’s “just a plain guy,” although he shares the same initials as fictional Batman character, Bruce Wayne.

“I was just trying to get the bar cleared and prayed to God they didn’t set it on fire and destroyed everything in it,” said Woodyard, who was then asked about his choice of wearing a surgical mask. “It was the only thing I could find at the time and get down here and try to save my job.”

Woodyard, who said he is an ex-felon, said his actions were his way of thanking the bar, which he explained “these people actually stood up and gave me a chance.”

He said many more members of the community came together to save many businesses in Baltimore from destructive looters.

“A lot of us did not wear masks, but a lot of us did defend our homes, our storefronts, defend our bars and we did our best,” Woodyard said.