WASHINGTON — What the heck are Hoyas doing walking around campus in Villanova and Syracuse gear?

That’s what Chris Grosse, director of marketing at Georgetown University’s athletics department, was wondering when he came up with the idea for a “shirt swap.”

“I think a lot of campuses around the country have this same problem, but I did notice it here a little bit more than other places,” Grosse says.

“Walking around campus the day before a big basketball game and you see students wearing other schools’ gear and stuff, so you kind of wonder, like, ‘Hey, where’s the Georgetown spirit?'”

To help eradicate the gear of rival schools at Georgetown, Grosse organized a points-based swap.

“I just wanted to kind of come up with an idea of how we could offer the students a way to get some new Georgetown shirts and maybe show a little bit more school pride.”

So, at the Hoyas’s lacrosse doubleheader on April 11, students who turn in Villanova or Syracuse shirts will get three “points.”

Shirts from Big East, ACC, Big 10 and Ivy League schools will be worth two points, and all other school shirts can be redeemed for a single point.

The points can then be used to “buy” Georgetown gear.

All the swapped shirts, and some new Georgetown shirts, will be donated to a local charity, Grosse says.

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