WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., created a bilingual “Do Not Deport Me” card for illegal immigrants to use in case they are detained by immigration officials.

Labeling it a “family defender toolkit,” Gutierrez displayed the pamphlet and encouraged illegal immigrants to show it to authorities as it describes the documents needed to avoid deportation under President Obama’s program. Although Obama’s executive action has been delayed by a court injunction, Gutierrez advises immigrants to inform immigration officials the program will soon be available.

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“I created this toolkit for you to protect yourself from deportation,” Gutierrez said in a video describing the pamphlet to “protect” individuals from deportation.

“If you qualify for expanded DACA or the new DAPA program that were announced by the President on November 20, 2014, please use this toolkit to protect yourself from deportation. Even though you cannot apply yet for these programs, you can still prepare,” Gutierrez writes in the pamphlet.

He asks that the document be kept in a “safe place” and only be presented to immigration officials in the case of an “immigration emergency.”

“I want you to cut the card in the toolkit and keep it in your wallet, and use [it] in cases of emergency,” he said. “Use this card only if you are arrested and detained by an immigration official.”

He said the card should not be presented to police officers if they are “pulled over” or a similar type of minor infraction.

“It explains in English and Spanish that you’re eligible for DACA or DAPA,” said Gutierrez. “By using this card after you’ve been arrested or detained, you can explain that under the policy in place today, you should be released because you’re not a priority for deportation.”