WASHINGTON (WNEW) – Finding a lost pet isn’t an easy feat, but a new app is using innovative technology in the hopes of making it easier to bring Fido back home.

The Miami Herald reports an animal shelter in the Miami-Dade area is the latest to partner with the Finding Rover app.

Users of the app register their dog by snapping a picture, which is then uploaded to a database. If a dog goes missing, the owner clicks a button to report it.

Anyone who comes across a lost dog can take a picture.

That’s where the facial recognition technology comes into play. Similar to what law enforcement uses for human faces, Finding Rover uses facial recognition, including 128 facial features.

If the lost dog matches the face of an owner’s picture, the app will notify the owner and the person who found the dog.

Here’s a video showing how it works:

Shelters in Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas and San Diego, Ca. have also started using the app. Finding Rover says New York and Los Angeles are among the next cities it plans to work with.

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