By Margaret Hasken

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Most Capitals fans know Tom Wilson and Michael Latta aren’t ones to shy away from a fight — but if the gloves were to drop between the two, who would win?

The interview with Caps’ top line winger Tom Wilson on the Grant and Danny show began as a normal conversation with the 20-year-old talking about what it’s like to play on a line with veterans Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom.

“It’s awesome playing with those guys,” Wilson said. They’re pretty special players.”

Then about halfway through the interview, Latta can be heard making noises in the background, causing Grant and Danny to ask Wilson to hand the phone over to his roomie.

“It sounds like you have a stork in the car with you,” Grant and Danny said.

Then Grant and Danny ask Latta who would win in a “serious fight” between him and Wilson, sparking a debate between the two.

“I’ve probably got a little more experience, I’ve been in a lot more pro fights…I’ve got the man strength,” Latta said.

And what did Wilson have to say about that?

“He’s 23…I guess he’s a man now,” Wilson replied. “Whatever helps him sleep at night.”

Then they took the debate to Twitter.

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