WASHINGTON (WNEW) — After years trying to rebuild Internet Explorer’s bad reputation, Microsoft has announced a new flagship browser will take its place, Quartz reports.

Project Spartan is the current name of IE’s successor.

The Verge reports Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela says the company is still working on an official name.

“We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10,” said Capossela. “We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan, which is codenamed Project Spartan. We have to name the thing.”

While Project Spartan won’t be associated with the Internet Explorer brand, IE will still exist on Windows 10 for compatibility reasons.

Despite a rigorous ad campaign, Microsoft struggled to recover IE’s image after major criticism following the release of Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft’s former Internet Explorer chief left the company in December.

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