WASHINGTON (WNEW) — A nesting pair of ospreys named Tom and Audrey have returned to their Maryland home along the shores of Kent Island after the long winter, the Chesapeake Conservancy said Tuesday.

The ospreys can be seen on the Chesapeake Conservancy’s live webcam.

The couple’s platform was damaged during a recent winter storm, and repairs to their home were finished Monday.

The public can follow the birds as they build their nest on the new platform.

Ospreys are one of the Chesapeake’s most amazing birds because they migrate thousands of miles each year to and from Central and South America, mate for life, and return to the same spot year after year, despite spending the winter apart from each other.

On March 10, the Chesapeake Conservancy launched another live wildlife webcam featuring peregrine falcons on the 33rd-floor ledge of the Transamerica building in Baltimore.

That webcam showed the activities of peregrine falcons, which have nested on urban buildings for decades.

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