WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Actor Jon Voight claims that President Barack Obama doesn’t love Israel.

The Academy Award-winning actor criticized Obama’s relationship with Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video released over the weekend.

“I love Israel. I want to see Israel survive and not be overtaken by the mad men in the world. President Obama does not love Israel. His whole agenda is to control Israel and this way he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies,” he said.

Voight stated that Obama doesn’t want Netanyahu to win re-election, as Israelis head to the polls on Tuesday.

“He doesn’t want Bibi Netanyahu to win this upcoming election. America has not been the same since his presidency,” Voight said in the video. “I beg everyone – all of you – to understand the truth.”

Voight continued, “We must learn from history where the true danger lies. I pray to God to keep Israel safe and America as well.”

Netanyahu is fighting to keep control of his prime minister post as recent polling numbers have him trailing.

“I don’t want to see Bibi anymore,” one Israeli told CBS News. “If he will stay, we will go. We can’t live here anymore.”

Commentator Ari Shavit said Netanyahu’s address before the U.S. Congress two weeks ago was a bust in Israel.

“When we had Yiddish speaking prime ministers who didn’t know where Nebraska was, they realized Israel must be a bipartisan issue in America,” Shavit told CBS News.

Netanyahu has been prime minister of Israel since 2009.


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