WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld predicts that President Barack Obama will not listen or be successful in dealing with new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

Speaking on Fox News Tuesday, the Pentagon chief under former President George W. Bush said that Carter is a good appointment for the Obama administration, but their views are may be too wide to find agreement. Rumsfeld said that recent ISIS and other terrorist actions are reminiscent of the anti-Semitism and weakness world leaders had leading up to World War II.

“He’s a good man, and in my view he was a good appointment. I see him as a highly skilled technical person for the department,” said Rumsfeld. “I’m not part of the Obama White House, but I have trouble believing that the people in the White House, with all the czars and the different factions in there that — I mean he is going to be the secretary of defense for this president, and this president was elected, so he probably will do a very good job down in the department. How successful he’ll be … getting the president or the key people, Valerie Jarrett and the other people that are so influential in the department to alter their behavior, or their advice, or their views, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Rumsfeld linked current ISIS terrorist actions to the 1930s when the Holocaust was going on and “the United States government turned in ships filled of Jews” before finally being taken in by the Dominican Republic.

The Islamic State’s violence “brings back to mind the period before World War II where people said ‘I didn’t know,’ or ‘I was just following orders,’ or ‘it’s random.’ But when you kill, systematically kill Jews and kill Christians and say that’s what you’re doing it’s not random, it’s purposeful.

“And it seems to me a lot of the country is still in a state of denial about it and the only way you can deal with something like that is to put it up on the table, call it what it is, deal with it. And any idea that you can defend everywhere at every moment of the day or night against every conceivable technique is simply wrong,” Rumsfeld continued. “If you try to defend everywhere, you defend nowhere. The only way you can deal with it is to go after those people.”

Rumsfeld said there is rising anti-Semitism in the world today and that the White House needs to be honest and put these problems “up on the table” for discussion and a solution.

He also noted that the ongoing situation in Ukraine is giving “free play” to Russian President Vladimir Putin as Europe remains “impotent.”