LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — It’s been a few weeks since the wildly popular “Serial” podcast wrapped up its first season, leaving lots of loose ends behind. But one of those may be on it’s way to being tied up.

If you’re not familiar with “Serial,” it’s focus is the 1999 murder of a Baltimore County girl named Hae Min Lee.

Lee was 18 years old when police say she was killed by her ex-boyfriend and classmate at Woodlawn High School, Adnan Syed.

Sarah Koenig, host and executive producer of the show, often makes mention of a woman named Asia McClain, who wrote letters to Syed after he was arrested saying she saw him at the public library at the exact same time that prosecutors asserted he was strangling Lee.

Syed said he passed McClain’s information along to his lawyer, but McClain says was never contacted, and she never testified at either of Syed’s trials.

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She did sign an affidavit in 2000, though, according to The Washington Post, and was contacted in 2010 during an appeal.

In a new affidavit obtained this week by The Blaze, McClain writes the following about that appeal:

“I had a telephone conversation with [prosecutor Kevin Urick] in which I asked him why I was being contacted and what was going on in the case. He told me there was no merit to any claims that Syed did not get a fair trial. Urick discussed the evidence of the case in a manner that seemed designed to get me to think Syed was guilty and that I should not bother participating in the case, by telling what I knew about January 13, 1999. Urick convinced me into believing that I should not participate in any ongoing proceedings. Based on my conversation with Kevin Urick, the comments made by him and what he conveyed to me during that conversation, I determined that I wished to have no further involvement with the Syed defense team, at that time.”

See the full text of the affidavit HERE.

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