WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — CBS News has learned from the Secret Service that shots were fired outside Vice President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware Saturday night.

The house was said to be unoccupied at the time and there were no injuries. The shooting occurred shortly before 8:30 “on a public road outside the established security perimeter,” a Secret Service official told CNN. Biden’s home is reportedly “several hundred yards away from the main road where shots were fired” according to the report.

The Secret Service told CBS News they are investigating the incident, but a spokesman confirmed that a car drove by and shots were fired.

A spokesman told CNN that the shots were heard by a Secret Service agent at the scene and a car was seen driving off at a high rate of speed.

There is no word whether the shooting was targeted or random.

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After the incident, a man was arrested for “resisting arrest” when he passed by an officer securing the outer perimeter area.