VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (CBSDC) – A Navy wife has admitted to stealing from the Navy SEAL Foundation.

According to WTKR-TV, Tammy Marie Mason admitted to stealing money when she worked at the foundation handling payments.  She will be sentenced for embezzlement in February.

She stole over $200 from the charity, according to court documents obtained by WTKR.  The Navy SEAL Foundation benefits families of fallen Navy SEALs.  Mason’s attorney has requested the facts of the crime be sealed, according to the Virginia Beach commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

The charity says she stole a lot more.  Robin King, the foundation’s CEO, said Mason had access to the charity’s credit card.

Mason was an executive assistant at the foundation.  King told the station that part of Mason’s responsibilities included handling checks and credit accounts.  She said that Mason used the foundation’s credit card for her personal purchase.  King said she figured it out when she was going over the credit accounts.

Mason was expected to pay back the money she stole but that has not happened.

The Navy SEAL Foundation asks for donations in order to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the families of Navy SEALs killed in combat or accidents.


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