LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — Freezing temperatures didn’t stop a Virginia man from finishing a 100-mile march from Richmond to the Arlington National Cemetery in under 48 hours, with his American flag flapping from his backpack.

Freedom Ruck was created by Staunton native Victor Wise in 2014 to help raise money and awareness about the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Wise completed the run in about 47 hours and 30 minutes Sunday morning, which was an improvement over last year’s time.

Wise surpassed his financial goal this year too, as Freedom Ruck 2015 has raised over $5000 so far.

He began the 100-mile walk on Friday along Rt. 1, beginning at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Va. and ending at Arlington National Cemetery.

PHOTOS: Freedom Ruck 2015

Wise, who was joined by many other people on the walk, says he does this to say thanks to military members and their families.

“They do a lot for us and small sacrifices go a long way,” Wise said.

He said while it was very cold, he wasn’t lonely. “I feel amazing to be here. I had a wonderful group with me.”

Freedom Ruck is a physical challenge that was created to highlight an awareness about the sacrifices of the U.S. Navy SEALs and the needs of their families.

“The goal of Freedom Ruck is to inspire the general public to thank current and former service members. Freedom Ruck encourages others to stand behind these heroes and their families and show support for America’s elite,” said Wise.

Wise hopes this undertaking will rally the public to support the men and women who have proven that “no matter what, they are never out of the fight.”

This was Wise’s second Freedom Ruck, having completed his first challenge last year and finishing in less than 48 hours with 18 minutes to spare. Freedom Ruck 2014 raised over $3,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation last year.

Both of Wise’s grandfathers were in the military, and his father is also an Iraq veteran.

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