LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — Metro riders on nearly all lines faced delays Thursday morning as extreme cold cracked two rails and other equipment was affected by the weather.

Orange/Silver line customers were slowed after a cracked rail forced single-tracking between East Falls Church and Ballston.

Another rail cracked on the Green/Yellow Line, and trains shared one track between College Park and Prince George’s Plaza for a time, as well.

“… it was at about the 60 degree temperature mark on Sunday and now… we’re in the single digits,” said Caroline Laurin, a WMATA spokesperson.

“Those kinds of extreme swings in temperature definitely have a negative impact on our rails… rails expand and contract depending on the temperature and can lead to these kinds of breaks.”

Another “weather-related car equipment problem” caused Red Line delays, where trains were single-tracking for a while between Grosvenor and Medical Center. Those delays led to extremely clogged platforms during the morning rush.

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