LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — New research reveals drivers are more concerned about those who drink and drive than those who use marijuana.

But with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use in D.C. and Maryland, safety advocates are concerned that drugged drivers still pose a serious threat to road safety.

According to a survey from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more Americans are concerned with those who use alcohol and get behind the wheel than the threat of drug impairment behind the wheel.

It was discovered that one-in-six Americans feel it is acceptable to drive one hour after using marijuana.

However, nearly half of people feel that drug-impaired drivers are a bigger problem today compared to three years ago.

With 85 percent of Americans supporting marijuana-impairment laws, the survey reveals that they are still unclear on impairment thresholds, safety implications and legal ramifications.

Although blocked by Congress, Initiative 71 legalizes “the possession, purchase, and transportation of up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use by adults 21 and older” in the District.

However, it is still against the law to operate a vehicle or a boat under the influence of marijuana in D.C. and Maryland, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.

When it comes to prescription drug use and driving, Americans report feeling even less concerned, even though prescription medication can impair a driver’s abilities and be just as dangerous as using marijuana and alcohol.

The District, Maryland, and 17 other states have decriminalized or legalized marijuana possession.

In January, the District Council will transmit legislation to Congress that amends the city’s medical marijuana program.

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