UPDATED: Dec. 16, 2014 3:49 p.m.

WASHINGTON (WNEW) — D.C.’s incoming mayor, Muriel Bowser, addressed the U.S. Olympic Committee in California Tuesday.

She’s part of the group trying to bring the games to the District in 2024. Bowser made her presentation with Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis.

“We want the Olympics because it’s more than the games for us,” Bowser says.

Bowser hopes D.C. can beat Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco to be the American city that advances to become a worldwide finalist. Bowser will argue that D.C. is more international than its domestic competitors, with a lot less work required to accommodate a crowd of millions.

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“They should be interested in us because quite frankly we are the most international American city,” Bowser says.

What about convincing those back home who say D.C. doesn’t need the Olympics?

“The proposals that are being pitched now have the potential to speed up development in areas where we have long wanted it,” Bowser says.

She argues D.C. is way ahead of the other American cities as far as infrastructure and security. From world conferences to nuclear summits, police chief Cathy Lanier says D.C.’s protected a lot of VIPs.

“We have done this work here and do it every day,” Chief Lanier says. “I think there’s no city like Washington, D.C. that would be more prepared.”

The committee could take days or weeks to pick a winner.

The last D.C. Council meeting of the year was moved from Tuesday to Wednesday so Bowser could present to the committee.

After the presentation, Bowser released a statement:

“It was an honor to represent my hometown and present a compelling case to the U.S. Olympic Committee as to why the District should host the 2024 Olympics. In D.C., when we want something, we go for it, and I am proud of the effort our team put forward today. We recognize that hosting the Games would not only be a tremendous opportunity for our city, but a great place to foster international unity and friendly competition among the best athletes in the world.

Should the U.S. Olympic Committee select Washington, DC, I am committed to working with regional leaders to develop a plan that will benefit residents and leave a positive, lasting impact on our city.”

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WNEW D.C. Bureau Chief Matt DelSignore contributed to this report. Follow him and WNEW on Twitter.



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