LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — George Washington University students are planning to stage a 4.5-hour “die-in” at Kogan Plaza starting at noon Tuesday to protest the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

They say the length of the demonstration is meant to represent the amount of time Michael Brown’s body remained uncovered on the street after he was shot to death by Darren Wilson.

“Events in Ferguson over the past few months are just one symptom of racism in police forces and communities,” organizer Kinjo Kiema says.

“A black person is shot by law enforcement every 28 hours, and there is no civilian oversight at any major police department in the U.S. The time to act on this is now – towns across the country have organized protests, and GW students are about to do the same.”

Students have drafted a list of related demands to the University related to the event. They are:

  • A safe space to report incidents of racial bias, similar to the one adopted at George Mason University, and a coordinator in charge of this
  • Student involvement in picking the next chief of the University Police Department
  • A diversity class requirement
  • Anti-bias training for all officers in UPD
  • Overall, more accountability and transparency from the University Police Department

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