CONCORD, Va. (CBSDC) – A farmer is launching his own line of beauty products made from pig lard.

James Henderson says his product is the key to great skin.

“We really do believe in the phrase, “Praise the lard!” here, it’s amazing how healing it is,” Henderson told WSET-TV.

Henderson said he made apple cider at The Brickhouse at Lilac Farm.  He always had a lot of waste from the apples so decided to get some pigs.  He fed the leftovers to the pigs so he wouldn’t have waste. Henderson started harvesting the pigs and didn’t want to waste any part of them either.  He said he has heard miracle stories about lard for years.

Henderson started using his product on the animals first then using it himself.

“Lard is incredibly healing for the human skin, there’s nothing like it,” Henderson told WSET.

Henderson, along with a group that includes biochemists, essential oil experts, and researchers, he formed the company “HealFast.”

“These products just don’t heal, they heal fast,” Henderson told the station.

Henderson claims that his products are all 100 percent natural and infused with essential oils and some plants grown on his farm.

“Almost 100 percent of all cosmetics and skin products have animal fat in them, but what they have is kind of the stuff that oozes off of a slaughterhouse floor,” Henderson told WSET.

Henderson says he has done research on this product and says that his is unique.

“I want the world to know what a beautiful and fast healing product lard is,” Henderson added to WSET.

The product is currently available at the Mistletoe Market and will be until Christmas.

The website is still under construction but is planned to be up and running within six months.

Henderson is planning to add new products.

The product launched Saturday at the Lynchburg Community Market.