by Patrick CannonBy Patrick Cannon

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The snooze button on an alarm clock is not your friend. Sure, it buys you eight more minutes of rest, but do you really feel better the next time the alarm goes off? Hell no, you don’t. Life’s challenges are still there waiting to kick you in the teeth and now you’re running late.

The Redskins are hitting the snooze button right now by continuing to trot RG3 out as the starting QB every Sunday.  His failures are well documented and his coach has lost faith. The neutered version of an offense that RG3 is now executing is an embarrassment to the team, the fans, and RG3 himself.

We know how this story ends but the team seems intent on delaying the inevitable. It feels like Travis taking Old Yeller for a ceremonial walk around the pond long after the rabies has taken hold. Just take him to the shed and end this already!

Most fans have progressed from being fed up with RG3 last week to feeling pity for the guy. He is clearly broken. The combination of a terrible offensive line and a QB who is completely lost, and doesn’t know how to protect himself, is a recipe for carnage. The man does not deserve another injury. Let him leave D.C. with some shred of dignity.

As we always do, this organization chewed up RG3 for all he was worth and now they are ready to spit him out. What’s new? Who could succeed here?!? The Redskins have sent 24 QBs to the slaughter over the past twenty-one seasons. Compare that to the six QBs this franchise boasted from 1964 to 1993. These are not your daddy’s Redskins.

How long do you think Peyton Manning was slapping his knee laughing when the Redskins briefly approached him about joining the team in 2012? He should still be laughing. If anyone could bury a legend, it is the Washington Redskins.

So what’s the answer for the Redskins QB situation now? Until systematic changes are made within the organization we will remain a meat grinder for talent. I do not envy the man who has to come up with a long-term solution at QB. The options are bleak.  Let’s touch on them briefly.

Option one: As Rick Snider predicted on 106.7 The Fan, the Skins could use their top draft pick on an immediately playable QB.

I am of the opinion that the Redskins have so many voids on the roster that their first few picks would be better spent addressing dire needs on the O-line and in the secondary. Also, the drop off between first round QB talents versus later rounds is not as significant as the difference between a first round offensive tackle and a fourth rounder.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If the Skins use their top five pick on a QB I have no doubt that we will be right back in this situation three years from now.

Option two: Theoretically the team could go out and get a veteran to run Gruden’s offense next year while they scouted and groomed a young QB for a season or two. That plan hits a wall when you get to the reality of free agent QBs. Do not eat for 30 minutes before or after looking at the talent pool of 2015 free agent QBs available.

Option three: The two “plug and play” options look like a longshot for next year. That leaves us with the stable of broken men and castaways that we have currently.

RG3, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy: The Island of Misfit QBs.

For RG3, the organization needs to decide whether they are capable of keeping him around as a backup without it being a distraction. I do not think that is possible. Perhaps another organization could handle that scenario but not the Redskins. Between the dry-snitching, Redskins Facts, and ceremonial halftime rain dancers, this organization has illustrated their futility in dealing with controversy at every turn.

RG3 is too big a figure to ride the pine. If he is here, he will be the story. The organization should cut bait this offseason and move on for the betterment of all parties.

The second tough decision the Redskins need to make is whether they believe they can fix Kirk Cousins’ interception problem. Judging by game film, the fix may involve a sports psychiatrist, a priest, and six months of drilling; nonetheless this needs to be decided between now and next April. Cousins’ audition for QB1 was an epic failure. These final five games present an opportunity to throw him back into the fray. Of course, that could also break him permanently in which case the last man standing would be….

Oh dear God, is Colt McCoy our best option? I want to die. This is the state of the Washington Redskins. Where is the reset button? What have we done to deserve this? Please don’t answer that.

While Colt McCoy arguably gives the Skins the best chance to win games from now until Week 17, the team would be better off using these last five games to determine what they have in Kirk Cousins.

In a town that has been screaming for the backup QB since 1993, McCoy is a welcome reprieve. He is a professional backup and he could fill that position for years. We are in the ninth circle of Hell if Colt McCoy is part of an NFL QB-controversy. Accordingly, next year when starting QB Whoever is playing poorly and you find yourself tempted to chant for the 30-year-old backup, please resist the urge.

In summary, our backup QB is Colt McCoy and our starting QB in 2015 is one of the following: The MVP of the Poinsettia Bowl, Mark Sanchez, or Kirk Cousins.

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about the future.

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