WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Dana Perino, the former spokeswoman for George W. Bush  in the White House and Fox News co-host, said “Republicans are really boxed in” on President Obama’s executive amnesty, and that his actions are easily within the law.

Speaking on Fox’s “The Five” Thursday, Perino said that while she “might be on outlier” among the show’s hosts and guests, she added that Republicans can’t stop President Obama from taking executive action on immigration.

“I don’t think that we’ll have the answer to the constitutional question for years,” said Perino, in a video posted by The Right Scoop. “And at this point, I think the President has the prosecutorial discretion to do what he’s doing…they’ll figure out a way, the lawyers, to give him some cover on that.”

“Besides, by the time it gets to the courts, then who’s going to be the person that stands up and says they are going to take this away from the 5 million people who’ve already been here?”

“He is an evil genius,” noted another one of the hosts.

Perino also said she finds it “strange” that President Obama’s first move after calling for bipartisanship is “poisoning the well” with the executive move for amnesty. She also questioned why the Obama administration is not going ahead with an amnesty move for 12 million, instead of stopping at five.


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