LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — Privacy may become even more of a thing of the past with a new app.

A new app for Android phones allows users to see what the person they are texting is typing before it’s even sent.

“Beam” is an app available for Android users only and is called a “True Real Time” communications app.

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Beam messenger app. (Screenshot via Google Play store)

Beam messenger app. (Screenshot via Google Play store)

We live in an instant-messaging world, but apparently it’s just not fast enough. The app makers say Beam “allows for instant typing and transmission of text” and users can “erase messages in real time.”

“Beam is the closest you will get to having a verbal conversation in a messaging app. Everything happens in real time – texting, reading, interrupting, and taking back the last thing you wrote (said what … ?).”

There have been 100-500 installs of the app so far, and four five-star reviews, according to the Google Play store.

The app is coming soon for the iPhone, according to Beam’s website.

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