by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Sports talk radio can yield some strange occurrences.

On Monday, one of those strange occurrences took place when a radio caller into 106.7 The Fan’s “Chad Dukes vs. The World” had unknowingly called the wrong sports talk radio show, on the wrong sports talk radio station.

‘Vincent in La Plata,’ it appears, was trying to reach long-retired Redskins players Richard ‘Doc’ Walker and Brian Mitchell who host an ESPN radio show together. It seems hearing “you’re on The Fan” wasn’t a big enough indicator Vincent had dialed the wrong number, nor was dialing the number 1-800-636-1067 the dead-giveaway it should have been.

“Let’s go to Vincent in La Plata,” Dukes took the phone call. “Hello Vincent, you’re on The Fan.”

“Hey Doc, B-Mitch, how you guys doing? Great show,” Vincent began his call as Chad Dukes laughed and played along. “Just want to make two quick points. Uh, look, Robert Griffin, they threw him in, eighth-ranked defense in the league; he did a pretty good job.

“My problem is this, if Doc, you know, Mr. Richie Petitbon would have had that young boy thinkin’ ‘What hit me?’ physically and mentally and it wouldn’t have been a great bye week for him. But we seem to make rookies look like superstars with [Redskins defensive coordinator Jim] Haslett behind the defense. [Vikings offensive coordinator] Norv Turner did one thing: he hung his foot up Haslett’s butt that game. That’s all. He was out-coached. Period.”

Dukes, who’s never played professional football, set out to squeeze as much juice out of the orange presented to him as possible, and began imitating both Walker and Mitchell without so much as altering his voice: “Well hold on, Vincent. Vincent, hold on. Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes sir,” Vincent replied.

“You know when I played tight end for the Washington Redskins?” Walker Dukes asked.

“Yes, I do know you played tight end,” Vincent answered.

“You remember that? You remember when I was one of the hogs, right?” Dukes pressed on.

“Yes sir,” Vincent said.

“We would not have tolerated this type of play,” Dukes said. “You realize that?”

“I know that,” Vincent agreed.

“What do you think, B-Mitch?” Dukes asked himself.

“Well I don’t know, but I agree,” Mitchell Dukes answered himself. “Vincent, you’re making some great points. How long you been listening to the show?”

“Oh, 10, 12 years,” Vincent replied.

“10, 12 years?” Dukes repeated. “Oh thanks very much, man, we’ve been in existence for about two. Thank you.”

Man, poor Vincent. Totally clueless.

(Listen to the phone call and Dukes’ full reaction in the audio clip below.)


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