WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., said that ISIS is “not a threat to our national security,” arguing that we should not be bombing in the region because we are not even at war.

Speaking Thursday with MSNBC, the New York Democrat said he doesn’t see the Islamic State militant group as a threat to U.S. national security, and that those pushing for war in the Middle East should be forced to bring the issue to Congress first.

“Well, one thing, I don’t see where that’s a threat to our national security,” Rangel said in response to the current airstrikes against ISIS.

Rangel continued: “There is a cancer in this part of the world and it is true that America and probably Europe has no idea the depth of feeling and discord that are in this area for religious reasons. Not with standing that, it appears as though there could be overall a threat, not directly to us, but for us to be involved in a military way. I don’t see how in the heck that’s going to resolve.”

Rangel said he opposes bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

“You bomb when you’re at war with a country, [we’re] not at war with a country.”

He challenged the host to tell him, “Do you have any idea who the drones and bombs we’re dropping are killing…we haven’t the slightest idea.”

“It’s a confusing thing. If indeed the president and those who support him in terms of this ‘war,’ if they’re right, bring it to the congress and convince the United State of America that there’s a threat to our national security. And when you do that. Be prepared to pay for it. Be prepared to make a sacrifice. Have a mandatory military. So that we all share in defending ourselves, and also pay for it with a war tax.”


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