By Courtney Pomeroy

LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — After a seven month nationwide competition, the winning design for a planned park on the old 11th Street Bridge that connected D.C.’s Capitol Hill and Anacostia neighborhoods has been chosen.

In addition to a unanimous jury selection, the design received the highest marks from the competition’s oversight committee, comprised of community stakeholders and the most votes in a public poll of over 1,100 participants.

“This is 120-feet by 1,000-feet wide,” project director Scott Kratz says. “It’s up to three acres… So we’re talking about a significant park.”

The project could cost up to $40 million. The city plans to contribute $14.5 million.

“Our design creates a literal intersection and a dynamic, multi-layered amenity for both sides of the river,” said Jason Long, a member of the winning design team.

“It simultaneously functions as a gateway to both sides of the river, a lookout point with expansive views, a canopy that can shelter programs and a public plaza where the two paths meet.”

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