LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — Living in D.C. is pricier than living in New York City, and Baltimore is more expensive than Los Angeles, according to new information released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On average, Washingtonians spend more per year on their homes, utilities, furnishings and other household expenses than San Franciscans, New Yorkers and San Diegans, the report says.

The average for shelter alone — meaning money spent on mortgages or rent — is $17,603. That’s about twice as much as the cheapest metropolitan area studied. That would be Cleveland, where shelter costs only about $9,061 annually.

The total average cost of living in D.C., including rent or mortgage and all other domestic-related expenses, is $28,416 per year.

Baltimore, meanwhile, ranks ahead of larger cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Chicago.

Only three of the metropolitan areas studied are less expensive than the U.S. average — Detroit, Miami and Cleveland.

See the full list of cities and their average costs below.

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