by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Sports talk radio shows can yield some pretty half-baked ideas from fans, especially when the home team isn’t playing well, especially when that home team is based in Washington, D.C., and especially when that team is the Washington Redskins.

Quick fixes, hair-brained ideas, ‘fire this guy and hire that one’ are all things you’ll hear in the nation’s capital following a Redskins loss.

Generally, some are much worse than the rest, and one usually rises to the top in terms of sheer ‘This would never, ever happen’-ness.

With the Redskins now 1-5 six games into 2014 season under rookie head coach Jay Gruden, Kirk Cousins having dropped four straight in place of injured starter Robert Griffin III, whom fans seem to not be all that sure about as a franchise quarterback anymore, it took a surprisingly lengthy amount of time for that chosen one of callers to push his way onto 106.7 The Fan’s airwaves on Monday.

‘Best Worst Radio Caller of the Day’ goes to Mike in Springfield, for his improbably proposed solution to the Redskins quarterback issues, while calling into “Chad Dukes vs. The World.

Take it away, Mike in Springfield:

Mike: Alright. When you got a problem, you look for a fix. If you don’t have it on the bench, you go out and get some help. You get the best old head long-arm quarterback that can read defenses and you bring ’em in for six weeks. Donovan McNabb is sitting on TV somewhere. Bring him in for six weeks, keep the team competitive ’til RGIII gets back.

The idea is asinine for several reasons, not the least of which being McNabb is 37 years old and hasn’t played a single NFL down in three years (almost to the day). There’s also the manner in which McNabb departed from Washington (being traded after being benched) to consider. And McNabb has a pretty cake gig as an analyst for FOX Sports 1.

Chad Dukes would string Mike and his idea along over the next minute or so, allowing him to explain his reasoning all the while surfing the web aloud for a new radio gig.

Another caller later in the segment would recommend the Redskins bench Cousins for third-string quarterback Colt McCoy, not at all a unique idea as the rest of the day would prove.

Things are bad here in Washington, man.

(Listen in full below.)

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