WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Author and historical researcher Michael Paulkovich says that Jesus of Nazareth was a “mythical character” who “never existed” due to his absence from 126 historical texts written in the first to third centuries.

Writing an article published by the Council for Secular Humanism and in his book, “No Meek Messiah: Christianity’s Lies, Laws and Legacy,” Paulkovich argues that if the stories of Jesus were true then the writers of his era would have commented on someone known for his “global miracles and alleged worldwide fame.”

Paulkovich says there is no verifiable mention of Jesus Christ in 126 texts from authors in the first to third centuries. He claims that Jesus is a fictional character that was invented by Christian followers to create a figure for worship. Of the texts analyzed, he found only one book that mentioned Jesus in “The Jewish Wars” by Roman historian Josephus Flavius, which was written in 95 AD. But he argues that Jesus was added in later by editors of Flavius’ work.

“When I consider those 126 writers, all of whom should have heard of Jesus but did not, and Paul and Marcion and Athenagoras and Matthew with a tetralogy of opposing Christs, the silence from Qumran and Nazareth and Bethlehem, conflicting Bible stories, and so many other mysteries and omissions, I must conclude this ‘Jesus Christ’ is a mythical character. ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ was nothing more than urban (or desert) legend, likely an agglomeration of several evangelic and deluded rabbis who might have existed.”

Paulkovich labels the 126 texts he studied as works from “The Silent Historians.”

Paulkovich dismisses “mainstream Bible scholars” that have deemed him and others who take the “Jesus mythicist” position as just a fringe group. Most Biblical scholars hold the view that Jesus was a Galilean Jew born between 7 to 4 BC and who died between 30 to 36 AD.

The apostle Paul – who is widely credited with spreading and expanding the foundation of what would later become Christianity – never makes reference to Jesus as a real person, Paulkovich notes.

“Paul is unaware of the virgin mother, and ignorant of Jesus’ nativity, parentage, life events, ministry, miracles, apostles, betrayal, trial and harrowing passion,” he writes. “Paul knows neither where nor when Jesus lived, and considers the crucifixion metaphorical.”

Paulkovich argues that tales of Jesus are “nothing more than oral legend” and a “hoax” that were invented later. He concludes with wishes that the Christian “cult” will no longer be able to spread “nonsense to children” in the future.

“The cult of Christianity has an incalculable amount of blood on its hands. And the ‘Jesus’ tale seems to have been nothing more than oral legend, with plenty of hoax and fraud perpetrated along the ages. It is my hope that mankind will someday grow up and relegate the Jesus tales to the same stewing pile that contains Zeus and his son Hercules, roiling away in their justifiable status as mere myth.

“The time to stop teaching the tall tales and nonsense to children, frightening them with eternal torture administered by God’s minions, has long ago passed. Parents who do so are likely deluded, and most surely are guilty of child abuse of the worst sort.”


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