by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Hollywood actors Denzel Washington and Terry Crews don’t appear to be big fans of the Washington ‘Redskins’ team name.

Both were interviewed by movie reviewer Kevin McCarthy in the last week, with each offering their own remarks about the name.

For Washington, it was as simple as correcting McCarthy after he uttered the name while informing the actor his movie “John Q” is one of Robert Griffin III’s favorites.

“You know RGIII, the quarterback for the Redskins, right?” McCarthy asked.

“The quarterback for who?” Denzel Washington asked, smiling.

“The Redskins,” McCarthy said. “Washington Redskins.”

“Washington,” Washington corrected.

“Oh, we can’t say the name anymore, I know,” McCarthy said to Washington, who erupted in laughter. “I know. I know. But they did a charity event where all the Redskins chose … “

Crews’ remarks about the name were far more than just a throwaway though, with the “Brooklyn 99” star — who even played for the Redskins in 1995 during his short-lived NFL career — going as far as denouncing the team’s name.

McCarthy: What’s your opinion? Do you think it needs to be changed?

Crews: Yea, I do. I do. To me, it’s not like we’re talking about changing the name of Big Ben in London. We’re not talking about history, here. We’re talking about maybe 80 years — 80, 90 years. I get it. A lot of people loved it, but you know what? The fact that you could possibly not offend some people, and that it would make it a better experience for everybody, I think it’s worth the change to be honest with you. I mean, if we had a team called ‘Blackskins’ or a team called ‘Whiteskins,’ ehh. You know what I mean? I mean just put yourself in someone else’s position. That’s all you have to do. When you see the image, and you see that and say, ‘Well, if there’s a way to make it less painful for someone to watch,’ then why not do it? I have no problem with that.

With Denzel, I suppose you can’t rule out the possibility he was making a joke about his own last name. With Crews, however, his remarks were definitive in thinking the name should be changed.

As for where RGIII fits into this interview, he has said he cries whenever he watches “John Q.”

(Watch Denzel’s interview in the YouTube video above. You can see the Crews interview here.)

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