BALTIMORE (WNEW) — With some Baltimore-area businesses accepting Ray Rice jerseys in exchange for discounts and donations, one Charm City native is taking his displeasure with the team’s former running back a step further.

Brandon, a student at the University of Baltimore and lifelong Ravens fan, posted a “Ray Rice Jersey Burning Challenge” video to YouTube on Monday, the same day a video showing Rice hitting his then-fiancee inside an Atlantic City elevator was made public.

“He was really one of my favorite players, and even though I forgive him, it’s not right what he did,” Brandon says.

The “challenge” calls for Ravens fans with Rice jerseys to burn the jersey in a controlled environment.

“He doesn’t deserve to be honored. That jersey is now worthless,” Brandon says in the video, which has nearly 2,000 views.

The description of the video says: “In this video I challenge everybody with a Ray Rice Jersey to go out and burn it. It is a disgrace as to what Ray Rice has done to his fiancé and now wife Janay Palmer. Also Ray Rice should be indefinitely suspended from the NFL and has been disowned by the City of Baltimore!”

The Ravens cut Rice from their team Monday afternoon and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.

“I think its the perfect call to do. Most fans agree with the call,” Brandon says of the punishment.


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