By Regina F. Graham

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The recent celebrity phone hacking scandal that resulted in nude photos of some of Hollywood’s A-list actresses being published on the Internet have some questioning why do celebrities continue to take nude pictures, risking a chance they could get leaked.

Dozens of female celebrities had their nude photos hacked, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, and published online for the world to see. The FBI is currently investigating.

Experts explain that any exposure, whether negative or positive, is great for a celebrity’s career.

Dr. Krystine Batcho, professor of psychology at Lemoyne College, explained to CBSDC that a celebrity’s entire career and profession is about being exposed.

“In the celebrity world, there is a particular personality that can survive and thrive in that,” Batcho said. “If you’re in the entertainment world, your whole career and profession is about exposure. You perform whether on stage, musician, acting, and you always know that the reviewers might can you but that’s what makes it exciting.”

She asserted that celebrities have more to gain than lose if nude photos or videos are leaked of them and that this is one of the main reasons why this will not stop celebrities from doing this.

“I personally don’t think this nude photo scandal will be a deterrent for celebs to take nude pictures,” Batcho shared. “In my opinion, celebrities have more to gain than loose. Just doing sex tapes made someone famous and people can build an entire career off of it. No one wants a boring celebrity. It’s an oxymoron. If you’re boring, you’re a has been.”

Batcho added that when Miley Cyrus took the stage at MTV’s Video Music Award show in 2013, her “twerking” was all that was talked about and how her performance was a career risk.

“An example of what some may call risky behavior is when Miley Cyrus did her infamous twerking on MTV,” Batcho said. “People missed the joke and she admitted it was funny. Miley had large stuffed bears on stage with her dancing. Some people argued why she jeopardized her career dancing in that manner. But first when you look at it, it’s was a great business decision for her and she upstaged everyone that night. She created a huge buzz around her name when she did that.”

Batcho explained that risk taking behaviors are thrill seeking for many people and that nude photos fall right into that category.

“Risk taking behaviors are thrill seeking,” she said. “Take for example bungee jumping. It’s fun partly because there is always that small risk that you could die. The type of person who wants to do something dangerous might also like to take nude pictures and put them out there. The whole aspect of being a celebrity is to be seen and talked about.”

Dr. Michael Broder, a renowned psychologist who has worked with celebrities throughout the years, agrees with Batcho about risk taking behavior and added that some people just have that nature within them.

“Some of these celebrities might have a streak of risk taking behaviors within them,” Broder said. “If that’s the case then I certainly give them even less sympathy in taking those photos and not realizing what could happen. You’re just taking a huge risk, but there are cynical people who enjoy publicity about it. They’re out talking about it. People who would never go looking for those pictures may want to go look for them just because it’s being talked about.”

He hopes that celebrities and young adolescents will learn a lesson from the nude photos of Upton and Lawrence being stolen and published on the Internet.

“The take away from this scandal is that people shouldn’t put anything like that into your phone that would have severe consequences if it were put up for the whole world to see,” Broder said. “Kids need to learn that and I think that they need to realize the consequences and to think about the consequences before doing it. It can be very devastating experience if you’re going to high school or college to have nude pictures that everyone can see.”