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Former WWE Superstar Kizarny provides an exclusive update on the condition of Jake “The Snake” Roberts on Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll.

WWE Hall of Fame pro wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts remains hospitalized in Las Vegas after falling gravely ill on a plane from Atlanta last week.

He had been scheduled to appear at a wrestling being promoted by his longtime Sinn Bodhi, who had a stint wrestling in WWE under the name of Kizarny. However, in the weeks leading up to the trip, Roberts had not been feeling well.

To be clear, Roberts’ hospitalization had nothing to do with his previous bouts with substance abuse. This was not a relapse.

According to Bodhi, this was a case of a performer too proud to admit he was too ill to step in the ring. He boarded the plane as scheduled, but the altitude apparently proved to be more than his sickly body could take.

Roberts was rushed to the hospital after the plane touched down in Las Vegas and Bodhi has remained stoically by his side ever since.

“If he was still in Atlanta and just sort of hibernating, he wouldn’t be getting the attention or medication that he needed and he could be a lot worse right this second,” said Bodhi, who calls the experience a blessing in disguise.

Doctors diagnosed Roberts with massive pneumonia in both lungs and noted that his kidneys “aren’t the greatest,” according to Bodhi. Tests also revealed Roberts had a mass in his brain.

“They most likely thought the mass in his brain was a wound from his years of wrestling,” he said.

Roberts was placed on a ventilator and expected to remain on assisted breathing for a couple of weeks. However, within a couple of days Roberts improved enough to breathe on his own and the machine was removed.

Further testing on the brain mass won’t be conducted until the pneumonia has completely subsided, but Bodhi said the infection is in its final stages.

Moving forward, doctors plan to move Roberts out of ICU by the weekend and he will remain hospitalized under observation for a few more days after that.

If he continues to improve, he will be discharged and remain in Nevada under Bodhi’s care while he recovers. Once he is able, he will either fly or be driven back to Atlanta.

Bodhi said his is frustrated by some of the inaccurate reports about Robert’s condition and cautions that if the information is not coming from him or fellow wrestling confidant Diamond Dallas Page, it’s not going to be accurate.

As of now, there are no plans to solicit donations to cover the extensive cost of medical care. Bodhi said the best way for fans to show support for Roberts is to tweet him @JakeSnakeDDT.

I caught up with Bodhi shortly after he left Roberts’ hospital room following an all-night visit.

The full in-depth interview on Roberts’ condition can be heard at the top of the page.

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