LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — After photos of nude celebrities allegedly hacked from a cloud-based web storage system were posted online Sunday, the security of popular internet storage solutions is being questioned.

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton are among the dozens of famous women whose pictures were leaked on the websites 4chan and Reddit.

“It’s almost impossible to completely bullet-proof your life” when it comes to safeguarding photos and information,’s senior editor Dan Ackerman tells “CBS This Morning.”

He suggests using two-factor authentication everywhere possible and, if you’re concerned about documents or photos getting taken off the cloud, opt-out of cloud-sharing.

“You know, we’d like to think we can delete things,” Ackerman says. “We always warn people if you put something on the cloud or on Facebook, you can delete it, but there’s a good chance somebody might have a copy of it. I would say, to be on the safe side, assume that there may be a backup copy or a mirror or somebody’s already gotten it before you’ve gotten around to deleting it… that’s just the way it is.”


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