Blacksburg, Va. (CBS DC) — A Virginia Tech English professor is using social media to vent criticisms of Israel, including a comparison made between the radical Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the U.S.’s closest Middle East ally.

English professor and author of the 2011 book, “Israel’s Dead Soul,” Steven Salaita penned a blog post calling on the American Studies Association to boycott “the colonial project of Zionism” because of “indisputable evidence of academic complicity in Israel’s brutalization of Palestinians.”

“#Israel and #ISIS are but two prongs of the same violent ethnonationalism,” Salaita tweeted on Tuesday.

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Salaita has used Israel’s push into the Gaza Strip and dozens of recent Palestinian civilian deaths to tweet a series of posts ridiculing Israel’s current actions in Gaza.

“#Israel bombs a UN shelter in #Gaza Luckily for the dead and injured, they were targeted by the most moral army in the world,” reads one from Thursday.

“The entire world deplores #Israel’s brutality in #Gaza, yet the US, the only state powerful enough to halt the slaughter, funds it, instead.”

“#ISupportGaza because I’m capable of empathy.”

“Why would Hamas even try to use children as human shields? #Israel has proved for decades that it has no problem shooting them. #Gaza”

“Every time my twitter feed updates, it seems there are new deaths in #Gaza. #Israel kills civilians faster than the speed of 4G.”

“Since 2000, #Israel has killed around 1700 Palestinian children; or -121 children a year -10 children a month -1 child every 3 days #Gaza”

Another tweet shows a photo of protestors holding a sign which reads, “No US Tax $$ For Israel.”

Salaita wrote in Salon that Americans should discontinue saying “support our troops,” because it is the “most overused platitude in the United States” which is “a cheerful surrogate for enabling the friendly dictators, secret operations, torture practices and spying programs that sustain this terrible economy.”