LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — The Fourth of July is a popular travel weekend, and a new study shows that adult children prefer to go on a road trip with Mom.

According to the study done by Visiting Angels, 8 out of 10 Americans will hit the road this holiday weekend, the most since 2007, and their new poll reveals Mom is preferred 54% more than Dad when hitting the road.

However, the national poll also shows that 63% of adult children say Dad is a better driver than Mom.

According to Visiting Angels, those who prefer Mom say she is more likely to be neater, choose better music, and want to stop to sit down and eat. The reasons they did not choose Dad is because he is more likely to pass gas, drive too fast, nod off while driving, take control of the radio or be stubborn about the use of air conditioning or heat in the car.

Those polled saying they prefer road tripping with Dad over Mom say she is more likely to be a worse “back seat driver,” ask for directions, talk too much, have “deep conversations” you can’t escape from, take too many bathroom breaks and drive too slow.

74% also say that Dad is more likely to have “road rage” than Mom.

The national survey of 400 adults, whose parents are 65 or older and currently driving, was commissioned by Visiting Angels.


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