LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — Rats are a problem in just about every city around the world, but the rodents run rampant in some cities more than others.

Unfortunately for Marylanders, Baltimore is one of the world’s most rat-infested cities, according to Animal Planet.

Charm City ranks third on Animal Planet’s list of the “Top 10 Worst Rat Cities in the World,” a distinction officials aren’t likely to put on the city’s next tourism brochure.

The United States has the top six cities on the list, with New York City and Boston coming in ahead of Baltimore.

According to Animal Planet:

Baltimore’s rat problem is bad enough that at one point, rats tunneled so intensely beneath a particular area of pavement that when garbage collectors drove over it, their truck sunk up to its axles. Rats in the vicinity took full advantage of the mishap and swarmed the truck, gorging on the garbage inside.

Baltimore also enjoys the dubious distinction of being a hotspot for rat-related research, beginning during World War II and continuing today, much of it carried out at Johns Hopkins University.

Here’s the full list:

1) New York City, N.Y.
2) Boston, Mass.
3) Baltimore, Md.
4) Chicago, Ill.
5) New Orleans, La.
6) Atlanta, Ga.
7) London, England
8) Paris, France
9) Rat Island, The Aleutians
10) Deshnoke, India

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