WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Physics professor and climate change expert Dr. Christopher Keating is offering a $30,000 reward to anyone who can disprove that man-made climate change is real.

Keating, a professor of two decades at the University of South Dakota and U.S. Naval Academy, has challenged climate change skeptics to prove that man-made global warming is not real. Keating is prepared to offer $30,000 of his own money for the “Global Warming Skeptic Challenge,” which has an application deadline of July 31.

“I have heard global warming skeptics make all sorts of statements about how the science doesn’t support claims of man-made climate change,” Keating announced on his blog. “I have found all of those statements to be empty and without any kind of supporting evidence. I have, in turn, stated that it is not possible for the skeptics to prove their claims. And, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

Climate-change deniers are considered a minute sect of the science community. A “Global Climate Change” report from NASA finds that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century “are very likely due to human activities.” The report also notes that a majority of worldwide scientific organizations have issued public statements endorsing the effects of man-made global warming.

Keating, author of Undeniable: Dialogues on Global Warming, said in a statement, “Global warming deniers are using the same tactics as the tobacco advocates. In fact, some of the people involved today were involved in the tobacco campaign. They are very good at deceiving people and they learned from their mistakes. Of course, we know how the tobacco campaign turned out and they are working very hard to make sure this one doesn’t end the same way.”

Keating says that consumers are paying for the effects of climate change already, with higher utilities costs and insurance costs.

“It’s always the consumers that have to pay the costs and this is no exception. As the costs go up, those added expenses will be passed down as higher prices,” Keating said in a statement. “We are already seeing increases in the cost of utilities, insurance, food and many more things due to climate change. The businesses don’t pay those expenses. We do. So, every time you say climate change isn’t real, you need to take your checkbook out and write a check to the people running the fossil fuel industry.”

As a smaller prize, Keating is also offering a smaller $1,000 prize of his own money to anyone that can show “valid scientific evidence indicating man-made global warming is not real.”

There is no entry cost and submissions to his climate change challenge will be posted by September 30. Keating himself will be the sole judge of submissions and has stated that he will provide feedback even to rejected applicants. A winning submission would use evidence and provide a case that he cannot refute.

He expressed confidence that his “money is safe,” but suggested that scientific proof from climate change deniers would be worth the cost. Dozens of comments on Keating’s blog suggest that dozens of climate change skeptics have already submitted their proposals.

“They are in the business of denial and deception, not science,” said Keating. “But, if someone could give me scientific proof global warming isn’t real, it would be worth the money.”

Benjamin Fearnow